1- The first service that we can render to a person who wishes to settle in Canada is to indicate to him quickly if his chances of acceptance are good or low. We know that as long as a person lives in the uncertainty of waiting for an answer, he temporarily suspends the normal course of his daily life since his plans for the future are uncertain. Keeping a person better informed before they file an immigration file prevents them from losing government fees and fees.


Our initial report serves that purpose. If our analysis, supported by the 7 years of experience of a large specialized team, does not allow us to find a means of immigration according to the criteria in force, this means that there is no possibility of immigration in under laws and regulations.

In such a case, the client is informed in writing in his report and we will therefore not open an official application procedure for his file even if the Candidate insists.

It takes us 72 hours to submit our written report and the candidate will then be clearly fixed on his project.

Obviously, in this case, no need to believe what we could tell you elsewhere because some firms promise without being able to provide results after years of costs and procedures.

Our experience allows us to be quick, clear and precise on the immigration chances of a candidate for both Quebec and the rest of Canada and this is what candidates are looking for to guide their future.


2- If the study of the Candidate's profile gives a positive conclusion, we will open his official request and we will guide him for each step until his acceptance and then his arrival in the territory. This requires constant help and availability, but also relevant information so that the time, effort and money invested in this life project give the expected results. The importance of our service is to avoid the loss of time, money and especially the disappointment of a refusal after a long delay.

Obviously, all the related procedures necessary for the official immigration application are done by our teams, in particular for the comparative evaluation of diplomas. This is also an important peace of mind.


3- If you wish, once the visa is in hand, we offer a very extensive assistance service on arrival so that the first months are constructive and useful because we believe that being successful in Canada is as important as there arrive.

As soon as you arrive at the airport, a member of the Pro Canada family will be waiting for you so that your first steps towards successful immigration are accompanied.

Like all companies that establish a standard in a field, Pro Canada is copied a lot in its methods and in its approach by different competitors who appear and disappear over the years. However, our longevity and our tens of thousands of satisfied customers are the references that should serve as the basis for your decision.


With Pro Canada, immigration works and it has been proven for more than 7 years.

Temporary residence

     Study Permit
     Working license
     Visitor Visa and Super Visa for Parents

Permanent residence

     Qualified workers
     Permanent Workers - Quebec
     Quebec Experience Program
     Family reunion
     Business people

Other services

    Refugees and asylum seekers
     Application for Canadian Citizenship
     File audits, etc.

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