Quebec Selection: Categories, thresholds, criteria and points awarded


The system is based on the same principle as at the federal level. The law determines categories and sub-categories of immigrants, each including selection criteria. The criteria may vary and the point thresholds to be reached are different. For Quebec, the eliminatory criterion concerns certain types of employment.

Categories and thresholds to be reached
Quebec law determines 4 major subcategories of immigrants, namely:

1. Skilled workers: These candidates come to Quebec to live and work there. They must obtain, if they are single, 50 points out of 99 and, if they are married, 59 points out of 116, because the characteristics of the spouse are evaluated. So there is no advantage or disadvantage of being married or single. Candidates with close relatives in Quebec are evaluated according to the same criteria as the self-employed.

2. Self-employed workers: These candidates will come to Quebec in order to create their own job in their trade or profession. They must obtain 44 points out of 81 if they are single or 51 out of 93 if they are married and will have to submit a detailed business plan.

3. Entrepreneurs: These candidates will come to Quebec to create or buy a business or business with about two employees, other than themselves or their dependents. They must obtain 60 points out of a potential of 110, whether married or single, and must submit a precise and detailed business plan, which they must explain and justify, depending on the Quebec market. The amount of money that candidates bring with them must be sufficient for the realization of their business project.

4. Investors: These applicants must obtain 40 out of 92 points, regardless of whether they are married or not. All of their assets (and not the investment) are over $ 1,600,000 and they will invest in Quebec passively (without a business to create and a business plan to justify). Through us, it is possible to proceed with a minimum down payment. We provide, if necessary, more details on this category to those who request it by fax or telephone.

The criteria and their maximum weighting are as follows:

1. The training, evaluated on 26 points, is subdivided into two sections. The first assesses the level of the highest diploma obtained on a maximum of 14 points. The second section allows you to receive a maximum of 12 points if the training completed by the candidate is found on the list of privileged training prescribed by the government. As the name of the training courses varies between studies in Quebec and studies in other countries, an in-depth analysis must be done here.

2. The experience, evaluated on 8 points, must have been acquired in the course of an eligible job. However, it should be noted that in some cases we can add up all internships and work experiences while in others we have to limit ourselves to very specific periods, some internships can also be excluded.

3. The age evaluated on 16 points, is a non-eliminatory criterion which attributes to any person from 18 to 35 years the maximum of points. For those under 18 and over 35, the number of points fluctuates downward. On the other hand, we repeat that this factor is not eliminatory and that good marks acquired in the other criteria can compensate for a bad result in this one.

4. Languages are assessed on a maximum of 22 points, including 16 for French and 6 for English.

5. The financial autonomy of the candidate, evaluated on 1 point only, is one of the most important criteria of the entire selection grid since it is eliminatory. Indeed, if the amount declared by the candidate is not sufficient compared to the minimum set by the government or if the proof of assets is not satisfactory, the candidate's request will be automatically rejected even if all of the his record is excellent. Note that this amount varies depending on the number of dependents and their age.

6. The presence of children is evaluated on a maximum of 8 points. The number of points varies depending on the number of children and the age of each of them.

7. The presence of a parent in Quebec is evaluated on a maximum of 3 points, depending on the degree of the family tie. In the old rules, friends used to bring points, which is no longer the case today. This change dates from October 2006.

8. The purpose of the interview is to establish the candidate's adaptability based on his personal qualities, his motivation and his knowledge of Quebec.

9. A minimum stay of the candidate in Quebec, evaluated on a maximum of 5 points according to the type of trip and the length of stay.

10. The characteristics of the candidate's spouse is the last criterion of the selection grid. On a maximum of 17 points, it assesses the spouse's level of French, his diplomas and his age. For business people (self-employed workers, entrepreneurs and investors).

11. Validated job offer: Up to 10 points are awarded for this criterion which, however, affects a tiny fraction of candidates.

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