Federal Selection: Categories, thresholds, criteria and points awarded

The system is simple. The law sets immigrant categories and subcategories, each with its own selection criteria.

Each of these criteria makes it possible to obtain points in an objective manner, with respect to certain situations. When the criteria are applied to a candidate, he receives the points that correspond to his situation.

The evaluation of all these criteria makes it possible to obtain a total. If this total exceeds the minimum threshold for the candidate's category, it is accepted. If the total is not enough, it will be refused.

Categories and thresholds to reach
Canada's law identifies 5 categories and subcategories of immigrants, each with different thresholds to reach:

1. Qualified workers:
These are people who want to settle permanently in Canada to work, but have no family in the country. These candidates must obtain 67 points out of a potential of 100 points. The criterion of demand in the profession is no longer determinative. If this is the case, then there is a second evaluation that we do against the selection grid for the Express Entry program. This grid makes it possible to obtain a total. If your total offers opportunities, then we must have your credential assessed by an accredited Canadian organization and you must pass the language tests required by the federal government. For the Fed it is the TEF or the IELTS (valid also for Quebec) which are to pass for the 4 aptitudes: Comprehension, Speaking, Writing and Reading. Once done, we submit your profile and we expect a candidate extraction to be favorable. Since June 2017, this program has been modified for the benefit of Francophones. Thus, a person with good command of French, having a good diploma and aged between 18 and 36 years could have all his chances in this selection sub-grid evaluated on 1200 points. The Ministry of Immigration then carries out monthly extractions for several thousand cases each time. According to the extractions of files of the last 6 months of 2017, it is necessary to obtain close to 435 points to be selected. Each profile is obviously different but your initial report will contain the analysis of this selection sub-grid and the number of points at which you arrive. You will know exactly your chances of acceptance under this program. A file filed under this program remains in the Department's file bank for one (1) year and it should be noted that federal government fees will only be payable if the file is selected. When a candidate is selected, he must then provide the requested documents within 60 days and then pass his medical examinations and his security investigation.

2. Helped parents : 

These candidates are in the same position as independent immigrants, but have a close relative who lives in Canada. They must get 67 points out of a potential of 100 points.

3. Self-employed workers : 

These people will come to Canada to make a significant contribution to cultural, sporting or artistic life, or they may come from industrialized farmers as well.

4. entrepreneur :

These are applicants wishing to settle in Canada to establish or purchase a business or business employing approximately two employees, other than themselves and their dependents. A minimum asset of $ 300,000 is required. This type of permanent resident visa is conditional on the completion of the business project within a given period of time.

5. investors : 

These candidates will come to invest in Canada, in a passive way, which implies that they will have neither business project to present nor company to create. This subcategory allows the simplest acceptance of all. To qualify for this category, an applicant must hold, not invest, assets in excess of $ 800,000 Canadian and have 3 years of management, self-employed or executive experience.

(Applicable for the sub-category of skilled immigrant immigrants and assisted parents):

The criteria and their maximum weighting are listed below. You will notice that there is only one eliminatory factor, the experience, which must be at least one year. All other criteria are not eliminatory. That is why, for example, immigrants can come to Canada without speaking English or French if they get their points because of the other criteria. It should be noted that, unlike the following Québec assessment grid, the federal government assesses in the same way the single or married persons:

1. Instruction on 25 points: This is the grade level attained by the candidate. All types of academic degrees and diplomas are provided for in the regulations and each receives a specific score.

2. Experience on 25 points: This is the number of years of experience that the candidate has accumulated in the mentioned profession, from a minimum level of 0, A or B according to the National Classification of Professions.

3. Age on 10 points: The candidate will receive from 0 to 10 points for this criterion, according to whether or not he is in the ideal age group. This is not a eliminatory factor. Thus, even if the candidate is quite outside the age group considered ideal, his candidacy can be retained as long as he succeeds in accumulating his points according to the other criteria.

4. 20-point languages: Canada evaluates equally the country's two official languages, French and English, regardless of the place of residence. Both languages are therefore treated equally. The candidate will only indicate the language with which he feels most comfortable and it is the language that will serve as a basis for the assessment of his language skills. 

5. Occupations reserved with validation on 10 points: These are rare cases where the foreign candidate holds an insured job, validated by the Canadian governmental authorities.

6. 10-point adaptability: It is especially the candidates who have worked or studied in Canada who will be favored. The following criteria are taken into account: spousal studies, previous studies in Canada, previous work in Canada, job offer in Canada, having parents in Canada.

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