Applicable laws and regulations


There are two different laws that govern the selection of immigrants to Canada. Under an agreement with the federal government, the province of Quebec was able to develop its own immigration law, as well as its own selection criteria, for immigrants destined for its territory.

For the rest of the country, federal law applies. It is therefore the place of residence planned by the candidate that will determine the selection grid that will apply to his file.

The selection criteria and their weighting differ from one law to another. It is therefore not uncommon for a candidate to have a positive record under Quebec law, while his record is negative under federal law and vice versa.

In addition, each of the two laws allows the candidate to choose the category under which he wishes to be evaluated. The applicant is also free to determine who, husband or wife, will act as the principal applicant. Hence the importance of the initial report that we require for each potential candidate since it takes all these data into account.

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