Eligibility conditions


Before explaining the categories and criteria applicable to federal or Quebec law, let us mention that there are three essential eligibility conditions which, if they are not met, will cause the candidate's immigration file to be rejected, regardless of either the excellence of the score obtained under the selection grids

1. Criminal record

Any criminal record leads to a systematic refusal of the immigration application. There are certain nuances if the offenses date back more than 5 years or if the offenses are punishable by summary proceedings. By explaining in detail the case in the questionnaire for report, we will be able to assess the cases with precision taking into account these nuances.

2. State of health


The candidate, as well as his dependents, must not suffer from any serious or contagious illness. A medical examination is required on this subject after acceptance of the file. Doubts about this or that disease? By explaining the case in detail in the questionnaire for report, we can assess the situation or refer you to a licensed physician before the start of your procedure.

3. Living expenses


The candidate must arrive in Canada with a sum of money allowing him to meet his needs, as well as those of his dependents, during the first 3 or 6 months of his installation. This amount varies according to the number of dependents, as well as the planned place of residence, the report that we give to our clients shows the exact amount required.

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