If you are a business person or manager seeking to immigrate to Canada, the Canadian and provincial governments offer a number of programs and options that can help you benefit from a faster immigration process.

 Through the immigration programs of the "business class", Canada is trying to attract people with serious potential to contribute to the Canadian economy. These programs also serve to promote economic development, improving the labor market by attracting investors, entrepreneurs, self-employed foreigners with available capital, management experience and entrepreneurial skills.

Immigration of business people also tends to develop new opportunities for Canada and allow access to new foreign markets by welcoming people familiar with these markets, their own needs and their own clientele.


If this option seems to suit you based on your experience and goals, there are several options for immigration. For example, depending on where you plan to settle, you could opt for the federal program or the program of a specific province, such as the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. Start exploring your options now by completing our free evaluation and we'll be happy to discuss business immigration options that are available to you.

What is the most suitable business program for me?

I have significant net worth with available capital to invest in a business in Canada.

Depending on how much money you want to invest in Canada, you may have a number of options. For example, the Federal Immigrant Investor Program or the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program allows applicants to immigrate to Canada by making a passive and secure investment with the government. If you are looking for a more active investment, there are a number of programs available to immigrate as Entrepreneurs and Provincial Nominee Programs which involves investing and operating a business in Canada. You can also explore the Visa for Start-up program. So there are many options available, we invite you to complete our free evaluation to take advantage of our experience and discuss your options with a specialist.

I plan to run a business in Canada.

Your management or business experience may favor your eligibility for certain Provincial Nominee Programs or for the Investor or Entrepreneur Programs offered by the Canadian Government or the Government of Quebec. If you want to import your business activities into Canada or open a company here, there are many options, such as the Business Startup Visa. Take advantage of our knowledge of these programs starting our free evaluation.

I am a well-established self-employed worker in my field.

Canada welcomes self-employed workers in a variety of fields based on their success and reputation in their particular field. These fields cover a wide range of professions ranging from the farmer to the athlete and the artist. If you think you have the experience as a self-employed person that can make you eligible for the self-employed immigration programs, complete our free evaluation to find out.

Business Immigration Programs Available

Immigration of investors

These programs are made for people with significant net worth with sufficient capital to make a passive investment, guaranteed by the government.


Entrepreneurial immigration provides immigration opportunities for those with some net worth and management experience who plan to run a business in Canada.

Provincial designation

Depending on the province, a number of immigration programs are available for those seeking to run a corporation in that province.

Immigration of the self-employed

These programs allow self-employed individuals with significant work experience in a particular field to immigrate to Canada.

Starting a business

If funding and support are guaranteed by a designated Canadian investment agency, those with a plan for a single corporation model may be able to acquire this visa.

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